CHI Geneva

Organizing committee

Association du CHI de Genève (ACHIG)

Gérard Turrettini



Pierre Brunschwig



Committee of the CHI Geneva

Sophie Mottu Morel

general director

Contact Sophie Mottu Morel

Michel Sorg

Assistant director

Contact Michel Sorg

Clara de Coulon Sorg

vip project manager & general secretariat

Contact Clara de Coulon Sorg

Diane de Bavier

Prizes & Legal counsel

Contact Diane de Bavier

Christophe Deller

Corinne Druey

Patrick Favre

Pierre-Alain Glatt

Emmanuelle Lathion

Anne-Laure Pellanda

Yvonne Rochat

Anastasia Scherz

stable management

Contact Anastasia Scherz

Joël Souilah

Jean-Claude Jacquet

arena and paddock construction

Contact Jean-Claude Jacquet

Christian Mathys

Construction exhibitors' village

Contact Christian Mathys

Alban Poudret

sports director

Contact Alban Poudret 

Anne-Claire Bovat

exhibitors' village & ticketing

Contact Anne-Claire Bovat

Marie de Keukelaere

Logistics project manager & general secretariat

Contact Marie de Keukelaere

Mathilde Combeaud

Pascal Dethiollaz

construction and stables' security

Contact Pascal Dethiollaz

Thierry Eissler

arena & Obstacles

Contact Thierry Eissler

Philippe Guerdat

welcome and contact for riders

Contact Philippe Guerdat

Egon Kiss-Borlase

Ralph Krieger

Christine Lucain

Road-book & riders' Secretariat

Carol Maus


Contact Carol Maus

Julien Pradervand

Eric Sauvain


Contact Eric Sauvain

Dagmar Tschopp

Yanis Varetz

Sporting finances

Contact Yanis Varetz

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