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The king’s throne was shaking.

The Sunday morning was dedicated to four-in-hand driving, and that was easy to here! The bells of the fans from local community Sembrancher in support of their hero, the Valais Jérôme Voutaz echoed throughout the Palexpo Hall. Fast in the first round with a time of 167'10”, he had to accept two faults and was risking missing the jump-off.

Remembering that only the top three out of seven teams can participate in the second round. And the German Georg von Stein raised the benchmark very high by completing a flawless course in 164'13''. Likewise Bram Chardon, who crosses the finish line in 154'35”, but has to count in 10 penalty points, which puts him in second place. Then the world No. 1, Boyd Exell, enters the course. The Australian has won every year at the CHI Geneva since his first participation in 2008. Will he demonstrate his dominance here as well, after his victory last week in Stockholm? However, the "King of Geneva" drives over a pylon, receives a 15-second penalty, and gets stopped so the obstacle can be rebuilt. Big confusion in the Palexpo: Will the king be missing in the jump-off? Yes! Boyd Exell gets eliminated by the jury. When restarting, the Australian seems not having resumed the race at gate no. 11, but before gate 12. A tough decision for the best team in the world, but good news for the crew from the Valais, who following gets a place in the jump-off.

The grandstands vibrate as Jérôme Voutaz demonstrates all his skills. His four Freiberger horses reach the finish line without any fault. The team leader is overjoyed and asks the audience to applaud his incredible mares! And then Boyd Exell, managed to get the permission to still participate in the barrage, because he had protested his exclusion and the jury proved him right. He finishes the course in a new best of 152'16'' and takes the lead! Bram Chardon has to do with a 15'-penalty and a time of 165'73''. The jump-off ends with the driving of the German Georg von Stein. With 157'66'' he secures the second place in this FEI World Cup™ Driving by Radio Télévision Suisse, behind the invincible Boyd Excell. And the Valais Voutaz finally finished in 4th place.

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