Alogo Move Pro : the groundbreaking sensor to track and manage horse performance and health


Once again, the organizers of CHI Geneva 2021 have appointed the Swiss company, Alogo Analysis, to analyze show jumping courses. The startup founded by David Deillon, will provide the audience with access to a range of interesting statistics from the runs by the riders in competition. Data, provided in real time via the Alogo Web App includes time differences between the leader and opponents. At the end of each round a video overlay of the winning rider and runner up will be broadcasted on the big screens, showing details such as the most efficient lines and turning points that make the difference to win the class.

Alogo Analysis has also developed a revolutionary equine sensor: Alogo Move Pro. Our cutting edged technology is engineered to analyze the horse’s movement in a 3D space and give you access to a wealth of details.

Our device is easy to use and lightweight for the betterment of your horse’s performance, security and planning ahead for competitions. Our technology offers many advantages and the capacity to identify optimal parameters. For example: to visualize real jump trajectory; measure height of jumps and length of strides; single out and analyze the smallest variations in your horse’s movement; and prevent injuries. The data is recorded, secured and made available by Alogo Move Pro on your smartphone, tablet or laptop at the end of your riding session.

“We are revolutionizing equestrian sports. Today video is widely used to analyze athlete and team performance, but this is not as precise as the solution and data captured by Alogo Move Pro. We have no intention of replacing the coach or the feeling that a rider has, as these are essential. Our sensor is an innovative tool designed to accompany athletes in the measurement and management of each horse on a daily basis, in competition and so as to avoid risks of injury”, says David Dellion, CEO of Alogo Analysis.

At the FEI European Championships of Evening 2021, 17 horses were equipped with the Alogo Move Pro sensor during their warmups and over courses:

“There is huge power in actually being able to visualize and see the evidence of what you’ve just done...Was I too deep into that fence? Did the horse suddenly change the jump for some reason? Was it what I did on the way to the fence or was it what the horse did when he was in the air? ... I was always feeling this. But, we [the riders, coaches etc.] don’t get the same feelings every day. Some days we are thinking the horse is jumping well, some days not so well. But we are not always agreeing, as to whether this is something that we were doing, or is it something with the horse? Is it to do with his energy? Is it maybe physical? These are all the type of things we try to feel. (...) With Alogo Move Pro, you actually have the real picture of what happened. The jump trajectory ; the stride length, even the horse’s equilibrium angle, and if he is drifting on the fences... it’s amazing how many things it does actually measure!” – Sam Watson, Olympic Irish Team Rider. The podcast:

Discover Alogo at CHI Geneva 2021; visit our booth (number 60) :

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