History of the CHI Geneva



The 1st ever Concours Hippique International Geneva (CHI) takes place at the Palais des Exposistions. 85 riders and 158 horses participate.



The first “Prix des Nations” is won by Switzerland.



The Geneva International Horse Show moves into the Sporting Centre of les Vernets



The 25th edition of the Geneva International Horse Show joins the World Cup circuit. Great Britain’s Nick Skelton, on Everest Lastic is the first to win the Geneva leg of the Volvo World cup. Great Britain also brings home the Nations Cup.



The last Nations Cup is organised in Geneva only to be won by the host country. The team is composed of Heidi Robbiani (Jessica V), Bruno Candrian (Van Gogh), Thomas Fuchs (Willora Swiss) and Walter Gabathuler (Typhoon). The GP is won by the Italian Graziano Mancinelli on Gitan P.



As of 1985, the competition becomes entirely focused on the World Cup circuit. The Geneva International Horse Show becomes CSI (Concours de Saut International), which eliminates all remaining confusion with the Nations Cup. It is Germany’s turn to raffle first place in the GP with Franke Sloothaak on Wakrant, followed by the French horseman, Frédéric Cottier on Flambeau C and in third place for Switzerland, Willi Melliger on Van Gogh.



The CSI Geneva is baptised CSI-W Geneva to include “World Cup” in its title. Germany is again to take first place but this time thanks to Paul Schockem!ole on Next Orchidée, in front of the Brazilian, Victor Texiera or Larramy and in third place, the Australian Vicky Roycroft on Apache.



The 30th edition is the last edition to be hosted in the Sporting Centre Les Vernets. John Whitaker and the great little Milton take first place in the GP, followed by Hendrick Snoek, riding for Germany on Anatol and the Spaniard Juan Diego Garcia Trevijano on Tirol.



Meredith Michaels Beerbaum et l'étalon Quick Star en 1991 à Palexpo. L'Allemande, encore américaine à cette époque, à l'honneur de couper le ruban du premier CHI se disputant à Palexpo. Meredith Michaels Beerbaum and the famous Quick Star in 1991 at Palexpo.

First CSI-W to take place at Palexpo. Palexpo allows the competition to boast the world’s largest indoor arena while adding complimentary services such as a closely located hotel, an exhibitors village, two paddocks and stabling under the same roof. A new Director heads the organisation committee, Pierre E. Genecand. Philippe Rozier, riding for France and Waïti Oscar win first place, beating Markus Fuchs and Elmar Gundel in third position.



The last minute guests of this year’s GP, the Belgian Philippe Lejeune on Shogun win the World Cup GP beating Stefan Lauber and Lugana II as well as Lesley McNaught-Mändli on Revanche.



The popularity of Geneva’s CSI-W is demonstrated by the presence of over 23’000 spectators in 1993. The young and talented Rodrigo Pessoa on Loro Piana Special Envoy, wins the Volvo World Cup GP with Stefan Lauber on Lugagna II and Franke Sloothak on SP Weihaiwej taking second and third place respectively.



Geneva is awarded second place behind Dortmund in the ranking of “Best Indoor Competiton”. The event’s popularity is again confirmed by a stunning 26’500people attending the event over the 4 days of competition. Holder of the Organiser’s Wild Card, the British horseman, James Fisher on Bowriver Queen wins the Volvo World Cup GP, beating the Suisse Beat Mändli and the French Michel Robert.



Hugo Simon et ET vainqueur de la finale de la Coupe du monde en 1996 à Genève. Hugo Simon and ET winner of the World Cup Final in 1996 at the CHI Geneva.

The 18th Final of the Jumping World Cup is hosted in April 1996: a first ever for Switzerland. Palexpo welcomes over 51’000 spectators over the duration of the competition. Hugo Simon, on ET FRH, wins the final after battling out the table against Willi Melliger on Calvaro V. After the Olympic Games in Atlanta, the CHI-W Geneva is voted the “Best Indoor Competition” by the rider’s elite.

Geneva welcomes the usual annual leg in December. A special “revolving” event brings together two of the three finalists in the April World Cup Final, allowing Willi Melliger his revenge on Hugo Simon, taking first place. The World Cup GP is won by Germany’s For Pleasure and Lars Nieberg, in front of Alexandra Ledermann on Rochet M riding for France, and her compatriot, Franke Sloothaak on SP Corrado.

Geneva is awarded the right to host a Dressage leg of the World Cup Dressage circuit on 1997. A first!



Geneva not only welcomes Jumping but also opens its doors to host a Dressage leg in the World Cup Dressage. The Show-Jumping Final is won by the American Katie Monahan-Prudent on Belladonna, in front of Maria Gretzer on Feliciano and Urs Fäh on Jeremia. The Kür World Cup is won by the very talented Isabell Werth on Nobilis Amaretto for Germany, followed by her eternal Dutch rival Anky van Grunsven on Gestion Bonfire and the Danish, Anne Van Olst on Dempsey.



Geneva is on a roll and continues to offer World Cup level Jumping and Dressage. Isabell Werth (DE) takes first place on Antony FRH in the Kür World Cup, while in Show Jumping, Irelands Trevor Coyle, on Cruising triumphs over François Mathy Jr on Fior and Jean-Marc Nicolas on Vondeen in the World Cup after a breath-taking jump-off.



New World Cup regulations limit the total number of participants in the World Cup Grand Prix to 18 riders. Germany’s Ludger Beerbaum wins the competition with Champion du Lys, beating both Malin Maryard on Cormint and Thomas Vlin on Carnute. The Kür World Cup is won by Ulla Salzgeber on Rusty, who gets the better of her compatriot Isabell Werth on Antony FRH, followed by Coby van Baalen on Olympic Ferro.



Le joyeux podium de la première finale du Top 10 remportée par Ludger Beerbaum devant Ludo Philippaerts et Franke Sloothaak. Au premier plan le regretté Dieter Schulze, propriétaire des chevaux de Ludger Beerbaum à cette époque. The podium of the first Top 10 final won by Ludger Beerbaum. Ludo Philippaerts, 2nd, Franke Sloothaak, 3rd. Foreground Dieter Schulze owner of Beerbaum's horses at this period.

Rodrigo Pessoa and Lianos show an outstanding performance taking first place in the CCF Private Banking World Cup Grand Prix in front of Ludo Philippaerts and Otterongo vd Kopshoeve and Peter Charles on Canavelley. Ulla Salzberger is no match on Rustsy as she takes first place again in the Rolex Kür Grand Prix, beating Gonnelien Rothenberger and Leonardo da Vince and Ann-Kathrin Kroth on Red Liner.



The Top 10 premiers at the CSI-W Geneva, bringing together the ten best riders of the world thanks to the support of Rolex and Gandini. The show is a huge success both for the public and the German rider, Ludger Beerbaum who triumphs on Goldfever III over Belgium’s Ludo Philippaerts on Verlest Oterongo Kopshoe and Franke Sloothaak on Gio Granno. The CCF Private Banking Grand Prix World Cup event is taken by Malin Baryard on H&M Butterfly Flip from Sweden. The Rolex Classic was won by Great Britain’s Michael Whitaker on Handel II.



The Top Ten is back for a second year running, again supported by Rolex and Gandini, to see yet again, Ludger Beerbaum riding Gladdys S in first place. Rodrigo Pessoa wins the Rolex World Cup Grand Prix on Balbouet du Rouet. The Driving World Cup stops in Geneva. To the general surprise, the Swiss Daniel Würgler wins the first leg of this newly introduced Driving circuit.



The Top Ten Final takes place for the third consecutive year in Geneva, with the ten best riders of the World. After Ludger Beerbaum’s success for two years running, he surrenders to Brazil’s Rodrigo Pessoa and his stallion Balbouet de Rouet, only to make 4th place. The Rolex Grand Prix, a World Cup class, is won by Danish Thomas Velin riding Equest Carnute. Otto Becker on Doble’s Cento and Peter Wylde on Fein Cera are runners up. Mrs. Sophie Mottu takes over as Director of the CSI-W Geneva.



Meredith Michaels Beerbaum outclasses her male competitors, Rodrigo Pessoa and Marcus Ehning and rides to victory on Shutterfly in the 4th, Top 10 Final held in Geneva. The Brazilian has not said his last word: Sunday’s Rolex FEI World Cup Grand Prix shines for Rodrigo and Balbouet de Rouet. The Swiss Steve Guerdat wins the HSBC Guyerzeller Grand Prix on Campus.



Rodrigo Pessoa takes first place for the second time in the Top 10 Final on his ever faithful, Baloubet de Rouet. Together they manage to beat Marcus Ehning on Gitania as well as the Swiss Markus Fuchs on Granie. The Rolex FEI World Cup Grand Prix sees Austrias Thomas Frühmann on The Sixth Sense surprise everyone by beating the American, Peter Wylde and Switzerland’s Beat Mändli. Thomas Frühmann had already made himself recognised thanks to his second place in the HSBC Guyerzeller Grand Prix just behind the British rider Robert Smith on Kalushas.



Women take first place in this year’s edition along with Switzerland! Meredith Michaels Beerbaum and Shutterfly take first place once again in the Top 10 Final. Steve Guerdat makes Switzerland proud riding Jalisca Solier to the first place in the Rolex FEI World Cup Grand Prix. What excitement and emotion in the arena! In regards to the Driving World Cup leg, the well-known Dutchman, Ysbrand Chardon takes first place in front of the surprising Frenchman, Benjamin Aillaud.



One female rider replaces another among the prizewinners of the Top10 Final: the Irish rider Jessica Kürten with Libertina finished ahead of Beat Mändli/Ideo du Thot, the surprising competitor replacing his fellow compatriote Markus Fuchs, and the German Ludger Beerbaum/Couleur Rubin. In the Rolex FEI World Cup™ Grand Prix, Ludger Beerbaum takes his revenge with his promising All Inclusive. Finally, in the A. Egger Brewery Grand Prix, qualifier for the FEI World Cup™ Driving, the Dutch Marc Weusthof proves to be the most skillful of the six drivers competing in the world's largest indoor arena.



The CHI-W Geneva is awarded, for the fourth time, the title of “Best Indoor Competition”. A new event is introduced by the organisers; the “Défi des Champions” brings together all the winners of the last Olympic Games, the European Championship, the Rolex World Cup as well as the Top 10. To add to the excitement, several other riders who earned their place through a successful year of competing are invited to participate. Steve Guerdat triumphs on Trésor making the Swiss public very proud, in front of Timothée Anciaume on Lamm de Fetan for Franche. The third place is won by Meredith Michaels Beerbaum on Le Mans. The honour guest, Olympic Champion Eric Lamaze raffles first place in the Rolex FEI World Cup Grand Prix, leaving second place to Steve Guerdat on Jalisca Solier and third place to Meredith Michaels Beerbaum on Shutterfly. The Olympic Champion by Team, the American Laura Kraut takes first place in the Grand Prix Credit Suisse on Miss Independent. The Australien Boyd Exell, who went on the win the Final in Göteborg, wins the Egger World Cup Grand Prix, followed by the French Driver Thibault Coudry and the Swiss, Daniel Würgler.



The CSI-W Geneva becomes the CHI-W Geneva. No show that year in December because of the World Cup final hosted by Geneva in April 2010.



Marcus Ehning remporte sa 3e Finale de la Coupe du monde 2010 au CHI de Genève. Le Suisse Pius Schwizer et Ludger Beerbaum se partagent la 2e place. Marcus Ehning wins his 3rd World Cup Final in 2010 at the CHI Geneva. Ludger Beerbaum and the Swiss Pius Schwizer are 2nd.

An emotionally packed edition for Geneva as the month of April welcomes the Rolex FEI World Cup Jumping Final for the second time, the first dating back to 1996. In parallel, Geneva is also granted the Driving World Cup Final. The German, Marcus Ehning on Plot Blue and Noltes Küchengirl wins the Jumping in front of his compatriot Ludger Beerbaum on Gotha, tying second place with the Swiss Pius Schwizer on Ulysse X and Carlina. The Australian Boyd Exell takes first place in the Driving. Unforgettable moments, indelibly fixed in everyone’s mind with over 50’000 visitors vibrating to the show over a full packed 5 days of sport with a capital S!

Just eight months later, Geneva hosts its Annual leg of the World Cup, the 50th edition from December 9th to December 12th. The competition also welcomes the 10th Top 10 final which is won by Steve Guerdat on his loyal Jalisca Solier, beating Dennis Lynch competing in his first ever Top 10 and the Olympic champion Eric Lamaze on Hickstead. The Rolex FEI World Cup is won by the current World Champion, Kevin Staut on Silvana de Hus. As for Boyd Exell, he yet again anchors his name in history during the Driving World Cup. A blast from the past with the return of the “Prix des Etendard”, a World class event, coming back to entertain the public. Kevin Staut and Pénélope Leprévost performing a pas-de-deux, Steve Guerdat jumping with a mule, Eric Lamaze driving a Shetland pony and Markus Fuchs, disguised as a clown, giving a dressage class to his brother. The 50th edition of the CHI-W Geneva – uniting sport with entertainment!



The Swiss anthem sounds loudly at the end of the “Défi des Champions”, 100.0% made in Geneva. After Steve Guerdat’s victory in 2008, it is Pius Schwizer’s turn to take the trophy home. The Lucernois wins the challenge on Ulysse in front of the elegant, Pénélope Leprévost from France on Maestro de la Loge and the Canadian Eric Lamaze on Herald.

The Rolex FEI World Cup Jumping Final, hosted on Sunday, sees Alvaro Miranda granted first place on AD Ashleigh Drossel Dan, a first ever for him in Geneva.

To add to the success of this edition, Geneva is awarded once again “Best Indoor Competition”.



The 52nd edition in Geneva was again host to the Top 10 Rolex IJRC final. The class brings together the ten best riders on the globe. After two heart racing rounds, victory shone on the German rider, Christian Ahlmann with Taloubet Z, who became world number one after this win. Edwina Tops Alexander took second place on the podium with the amazing Itôt du Château and Kevin Staut was third for France on Silvana. In the Rolex World Cup Grand Prix that took place on Sunday, Edwina Tops Alexander from Australia took her revenge on Friday’s second place by winning the GP on Itôt du Château. The Spaniard, Sergio Alvarez Moya was second on the great Carlo, the German Hans-Dieter Dreher taking third place on Magnus Romeo. On the Swiss side, Steve Guerdat, crowned Olympic champion four months earlier, finished 9th on Nino des Buissonets due to an unfortunate over time penalty point. The newly introduced Credit Suisse Geneva Classic class was won by Alvaro de Miranda and AD Ashleigh Drossel Dan, the wining couple of the World Cup stage in 2011 in Palexpo. The prize for best rider of this year edition was given to Richard Spooner from America who won the Credit Suisse Grand Prix on Cristallo. Once again, the Australian Boyd Exell wins the World Cup Driving.


26 avril 2013

Show Jumping enters a new era as of April 26th 2013. On this date, the Rolex Grand Slam saw the day. This new concept reunites three top class competitions; Aachen (GER), Calgary / Spruce Meadows (CAN) and Geneva (SWI). Tradition and passion is the motto of the Rolex Grand Slam, which can be compared to the Grand Chelem in tennis or golf. Riders have the possibility to win up to 1’000’000 EUROS for three successive wins in the Grand Prix, 500’000 EUROS for two successive wins and 250’000 euros for two wins in the same cycle. Details to be found here.



En 2013, Steve Guerdat et Nino des Buissonnets remportent le premier Grand Prix du Grand Chelem à se disputer au CHI de Genève. Steve Guerdat and Nino des Buissonnets the first winner of the Grand Slam Grand Prix held in Geneva.

The 2013 edition of the Concours Hippique International de Genève was the first under the flag of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping, the Grand Chelem of show jumping that unites the CHIO of Aachen, the CSIO Calgary, Spruce Meadows and CHI Geneva. The victory of this first Grand Chelem disputed in Geneva was won by the local favorite, the Olympic champion, Steve Guerdat and Nino des Buissonnets. The Jura born rider took first place in front of world ranked number one, Scott Brash (Hello Sanctos) and the Frenchman, Simon Delestre (Qlassic Bois Margot). The 53rd edition of the CHI Geneva also welcomed the 3rd edition of the Champions Challenge© presented by Rolex. After the Swiss victories in 2008 (Steve Guerdat and Trésor) and in 2011 (Pius Schwizer on Ulysse), it was the American anthem that was played this year thanks to the victory of Kent Farrington and Blue Angel. The night before, Kent Farrington had already shown us his talent by winning the Credit Suisse Grand Prix on Willow. The main class on Thursday was won by Hans-Pieter Dreher and Colore. In Driving, Boyd Exell was victorious of his 6th consecutive win in the Geneva Cup, while the Swiss champion Jérôme Voutaz takes 4th place with his Franches-Montagnes. Best Rider of the Competition was awarded to France's Aymeric de Ponnat who rode brilliantly during the four days. The farewell ceremony that took place on Saturday evening for Jalisca Solier, Steve Guerdat’s precious mare, was too, a powerful moment of the competition. Welcoming the Garde Républicaine française as our main attraction was another highlight of this year’s edition. 2013 was a record year with the number of spectators soaring over 40’000 people for the first time in the history of the CHI Geneva (notwithstanding the World cup finals in 2010)!



Scott Brash réalise le doublé Top 10-Grand Prix lors du CHI de Genève 2014 avec Hello Sanctos. Scott Brash won the Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final and the Rolex Grand Slam Grand Prix at the CHI Geneva 2014.

Some 41’000 spectators attended over 4 days at the 54th edition of the Concours Hippique International in Geneva. The 14th Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final, hosted for the tenth time in Geneva, welcomed the victory of the number one worldwide, Scott Brash with his fabulous Hello Sanctos. Patrice Delaveau and Lacrimoso and Steve Guerdat with Paille completed the podium. On Saturday, two classes were qualifiers for the Grand Prix Rolex. The Coupe de Genève was won by the Swedish Henrik von Eckermann and Gotha, while Martin Fuchs and PSG Future won the Credit Suisse Geneva Classic. Finally, on Sunday, the Grand Prix Rolex, one of the three classes of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping was won by the world number one Scott Brash and his 12th year old gelding Hello Sanctos. The winners were ahead of the French rider Roger-Yves Bost and Qoud’Coeur de la Loge and the Swedish rider Rolf-Göran Bengtsson with Casall. First Swiss rider, the Jura based rider Alain Jufer finished sixth with his stallion Wiveau. The FEI World Cup Driving was won once again by the Australian Boyd Exell, ahead of the Swiss Jérôme Voutaz and his Franches-Montagnes. Finally, the first edition of the indoor cross country presented by Rolex kept all its promises. In front of a sold-out and enthusiastic public, the French rider Eddy Sans and his gelding Nankin de la Hurie won the class.



For the first tiem in its history, the 55th Geneva International Horse Show staged seven disciplines. Show jumping topped the bill, but spectators were also thrilled by the competitors' performances in the Driving World Cup presented by RTS, and in the Indoor Cross-country presented by Rolex. They also appreciated the demonstrations of dressage, vaulting, horseball and para-equestrianism presented by Suva. For the 40,500 spectators who visited Palexpo, it was a chance to discover a broad palette of what equestrian sport can offer. This 2015 edition climaxed with the Rolex Grand Prix, one of the three legs of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping. Victory was claimed by the Olympic champion Steve Guerdat on Nino de Buissonnets, putting the Swiss rider on course to win the Grand Slam. The Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final was held in Geneva for the 11th time in its history. This 15th edition was won by Kent Farrington on Voyeur, the first American to secure this prized title. Frenchman Simon Delestre with Hermès Ryan des Hayettes was second (and 2nd too in the Rolex Grand Prix with Qlassic Bois Margot), with German Daniel Deusser riding First Class into third. Roger-Yves Bost also made his mark on this edition with Sydney Une Prince. The 2013 European Champion pulled off the double win of the Credit Suisse Grand Prix and the Credit Suisse Geneva Classic, two of the main competitions of CHI Geneva. Introduced in 2014, the Indoor Cross-country presented by Rolex was back on the programme in 2015. One of a kind in Switzerland, it brought together some of the great names of the discipline and saw Sidney Dufresne and Looping de Buissy victorious. In the Driving World Cup, Boyd Exell showed once again how comfortable he feels at Palexpo, with his 8th success in as many appearances. It should be noted that CHI Geneva was voted top show jumping event in the world for the 7th time in 2015.



Moment fort en émotion, les adieux à la compétition de Nino des Buissonnets le 11 décembre 2016. Farewell of Nino des Buissonnets.

In 2016, the CHI Geneva celebrates the 90th anniversary of its creation and, for the first time in its history, competitions were held in four disciplines. Show jumping, indoor cross-country and driving were joined by dressage – back after a 15-year absence – for four days of competition at the CHI, voted the world's top equestrian event for the 8th time. So, a rich and varied programme awaited spectators, ending with the retirement of Nino des Buissonnets, 2012 Olympic champion ridden by Steve Guerdat and twice winner of the Rolex Grand Prix of Geneva. An emotionally charged finale. A record 42,000 spectators visited the world's largest indoor arena to cheer on the best in the world. The Rolex Grand Prix, one of three legs of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping, was won by Brazilian Pedro Veniss on Quabri de l'Isle, in the greatest victory of his career to date. The next leg of the 34-year-old rider's Grand Slam push is the Major of Aachen (GER) on 23rd July, with the Spruce Meadows “Masters” of Calgary (CAN) on 10th September. Isabell Werth, the rider with the highest-ever number of dressage titles, aced the competitions in her discipline with Emilio, winning both the Grand Prix presented by Jiva Hill Stables and the Freestyle to Music. As for the indoor cross-country, Sidney Dufresne carried off the double in fine style, repeating his success of 2015 with Looping de Buissy. The 16th Rolex IJRC Top 10 Final was another highlight, the Canadian anthem heard for the first time to honour Eric Lamaze on Fine Lady, the mare introduced at Geneva in 2015. Second place went to German Christian Ahlmann on Taloubet Z, and third to Steve Guerdat riding Corbinian. The event's “Best Rider”, Belgian Jérôme Guery, won the Credit Suisse Geneva Classic, with Kent Farrington taking the honours in the Credit Suisse Grand Prix. There were no surprises in driving, with Boyd Exell winning this round of the World Cup, and celebrating his 9th Geneva success in as many appearances.



From 7 to 10 December 2017, the CHI Geneva welcomed four disciplines for the second year in a row. The best riders and the best horses in the world were present ; 42'000 spectators were therefore able to enjoy four days of top sport. This 57th edition was marked by the presence of World no. 1's Kent Farrington (jumping), Isabell Werth (dressage), Boyd Exell (driving) and Michael Jung (eventing). 

These no. 1's performed according to their rank. In dressage, Isabelle Werth was victorious in the Kür with Don Johnson FRH. As for driving, Boyd Exell won for the tenth time in a row here in Geneva, including the 2010 Final. Michael Jung was the only one settling for the second place in the Indoor Cross presented by Tribune de Genève. Indeed, the German rider who also rode in the 5* classes  was beaten by no less than olympic champion Karim Laghouag.

Kent Farrington ended the weekend on a perfect note by winning the Rolex Grand Prix, one of four legs of the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping. The US rider was also the best in Friday's Credit Suisse Grand Prix.

On Sunday 9, shortly after being elected president of the IJRC, Kevin Staut triumphed in the 17th Top 10 Rolex IJRC Final. What a day!

Last but not least, the CHIG was named Best Show in the World for the 9th time.





The Geneva International Horse Show (CHIG) presented an equestrian festival hosting four disciplines and spectators were guaranteed to see the world’s best riders and drivers in action.
Swiss rider Steve Guerdat jumped clear with Alamo to win his second Top 10 Final presented by Rolex and the IJRC in front of his public. He almost managed to repeat this superb performance in the Rolex Grand Prix, counting towards the Rolex Grand Slam of Show Jumping. He was however thwarted by the fervour and speed of German rider Marcus Ehning and the aptly named Prêt à Tout – ready for anything! Ehning won the Aachen Major in July 2018, so Geneva became his second win in the same cycle of the Rolex Grand Slam. He ended up ahead of Steve Guerdat and his mare Albfuehren's Bianca, with Irish rider Darragh Kenny on Balou du Reventon third.
The big class of the CHIG, the Geneva Trophy (a world ranking competition and Rolex
Grand Prix qualifier), was won by Daniel Deusser from Germany with Calisto Blue. The
Geneva Cup and the Credit Suisse Challenge were won respectively by Switzerland’s Pius
Schwizer (About A Dream) and American Kent Farrington (Creedance). On the programme
for the second consecutive year, the Youth Challenge presented by Swiss Team Trophy
went to the “All Stars” team ahead of the U21 riders.
Who could beat Boyd Exell? The question was on everyone’s lips at the start of the sole
Swiss round of the FEI Driving World Cup, presented by Radio Télévision Suisse. Once
again, the Australian proved his supremacy: eleven participations in the Geneva competition
and eleven wins! In dressage, the discipline’s undisputed queen of all time, Isabell Werth,
could only manage second behind her compatriot and fellow world team champion, Jessica
von Bredow-Werndl with her mare TSF Dalera BB. German riders monopolised most of the
top places in the Freestyle to Music presented by Jiva Hill Stables. British rider Alexander Bragg and his mount, Alcatraz, have long believed that the Indoor Cross-country presented by the Tribune de Genève would be theirs again one day, and their performance certainly delighted the spectators. Nevertheless, world silver-medallist Padraig McCarthy from Ireland, riding Rosamber Lancuest in his very first indoor cross-country race, shouldered the Brit aside to win by a mere two hundredths of a second.