Sustainable Development Commission

One objective

Making the CHI an eco-friendly event was what kick started the Sustainable Development Commission (CDD). This commission looks for tangible solutions to reduce the environmental impact before, during and after the event. Heightening awareness of all individual stake holders brings an understanding of the collective impact our responsible actions and sustainable gestures can have. At each event, the CDD suggests various activities centered around horses.

In 2008 and 2012, the CHI Geneva was awarded the ECOSPORT prize. The prize is distributed to events who have put particular effort into promoting respect for the environment and sustainability in Swiss sports.

Waste management

The CHI Geneva has been promoting eco-responsible waste management since 2005. Highly motivated volunteers skip up and down the allies with their ReTRIcycles, funny looking trolleys. Various bins are strategically placed in and around the event. Our volunteers interact with the public and help guide them towards sustainable actions. In 2007, the stables started consciously working towards a more ecological approach of waste management. The CDD even created a prize for the most eco-responsible groom. Selective sorting is getting better and recycling is constantly increasing. Since 2010, the volume of burnable waste has also been reduced significantly.

As of 2012, another step has been taken with bio-degradable tableware.

100% sorting

Our objective is to recycle a 100% of all of the waste that builds up during the event  (20 tons of manure, 20 cubic meters of waste from the restaurants, 10 cubic meters of paper and cardboard and so forth).

CHI welcomes primary school to its event

Thirty classes from local primary schools are invited to attend the competition for a fun-filled day! The children are welcomed at the very heart of the event, enjoy various equestrian shows, get to see the warm-ups of their idols, watch classes, and participate in workshops organised to discover the horse and its surroundings. 

Participate in our eco-friendliness and come to the event with the local public transports (TPG, CFF) or using our car-sharing option.