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Once again, the organisers of CHI Geneva 2022 have appointed the Swiss company Alogo Analysis to analyse the show jumping courses. The company, founded by David Deillon, will provide the audience with access to a range of interesting statistics on the performances of the competing pairs. Data, provided in real time via the Alogo Web App, also includes the time differences between the leaders and their opponents. At the end of each round, a video overlay of the winner and runner-up will be broadcast on the big screens, showing details such as the most efficient lines and turning points that provided the edge to win.

Alogo Move Pro: the ground-breaking sensor to track and manage equine performance and health

Alogo Analysis has also developed a revolutionary equine sensor: Alogo Move Pro. This innovative technology is engineered to analyse the horse’s movement in 3D and give you access to a wealth of information.

The device is easy to use and lightweight. Alogo Move Pro helps riders to follow their horses’ progress, to adapt each horse’s training accordingly, and to confirm the soundness of their choices. All while monitoring for any sign of health problems from the horse.

The data is recorded, secured and made available by Alogo Move Pro on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop at the end of your riding session!

In the case of injuries, the Alogo Move Pro follow-up calendar allows veterinary professionals to monitor the condition of their equine patients remotely and adapt the program according to their progress.

Alogo Move Pro is now used by the biggest names in eventing. Laura Collett, Andrew Hoy, and Nadja Minder have used it during the season, in the Rolex Nations Cup in Aix La Chapelle, and even during the most recent World Championships! The sensor is now gaining a foothold in the jumping world – notably at the legendary Dublin CSIO, where all riders participating in the puissance were fitted with the Alogo sensor!

Alogo Move Pro will be available at booth 40 and the Alogo team will be there to answer all your questions.

“We are revolutionising equestrian sport,” says David Deillon, CEO of Alogo Analysis. "Today, video is widely used to analyse athlete and team performance, but this is not as precise as the analysis of data captured by Alogo Move Pro. We have no intention of replacing coaches or riders’ instincts, as these are essential. Our sensor is an innovative tool designed to accompany athletes in the measurement and management of each horse on a daily basis, in competition, and in minimising the risk of injury.”

Andrew Hoy, multiple Olympic event rider, bronze medallist at Tokyo 2021, and member of the Australian team at the last world championships, uses Alogo Move Pro during his training and competition:

“Science and technology is a very big part of equestrian sport in the 21st century. The gut feelings and experience of the rider and support team are still a crucial factor – but being able to “verify” a feeling with data takes it to another level.

Our horses are high-performance athletes and keeping them mentally and physically sound is our utmost priority – so that we can enjoy a long partnership with them in the sport that we love.

Alogo Move Pro technology helps us to monitor each of our horses’ training and performance in detail and identify any changes – positive or negative – early on, so that we can act, rather than react.

It has become an invaluable part of our daily training routine.”

Visit Alogo at CHI Geneva 2022 at booth 40


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